Biography of alexandre dumas

Alexandre dumas père was born on 24 july 1802 in the village of villers-cotterêts, just outside of paris, france, the third child born to marie louise labouret, daughter of an inn keeper, and thomas alexandre davy de la pailleterie (1762-1806) a military general under napoléon. Alexandre dumas, the french author of many plays, popular romances, and historical novels, wrote the three musketeers and the count of monte cristo early life alexandre dumas was born on july 24, 1802, near soissons, france, the son of a creole general of the french revolutionary armies. At a glance alexandre dumas (1802-1870) is one of france's greatest authors and one of the world's most appreciated novelists dumas's father died when he was a small boy, so he grew up. Alexandre dumas biography - alexandre dumas was a celebrated nineteenth century french author, deemed one of the most widely read french writers to date he prolifically wrote under multitude of genres but his forte remained novels and plays.

Thomas alexandre dumas (french) 0 references given name thomas 0 references family name dumas 1 reference imported from wikimedia project english wikipedia. The french author alexandre dumas, known as dumas fils, bjuly 27, 1824, d nov 27, 1895, was the illegitimate son of alexandre dumas pèrelike his illustrious father, he wrote novels and plays, establishing the genre known as the problem, or thesis, play. Alexandre dumas (born 24 july, 1802 at villers-cotterêts, died 5 december 1870 at dieppe) was a french writer of haitian descent he is famous for writing the three musketeers (1844), queen margot , the count of monte cristo (1844-1845) and about the man with the iron mask. Alexandre dumas biography, life, interesting facts childhood and early life french writer alexandre dumas was born on the 24 july 1902 in the region of soissons, francehis father was a creole having descended from french nobility and dominican slaves.

Alexandre dumas - dumas davy de la pailleterie, cunoscut și ca (alexandre dumas père) alexandre dumas tatăl, (n 24 iulie 1802 , villers-cotterêts , aisne - d 5 decembrie 1870 , puys , seine-maritime ) a fost un autor de romane istorice de aventuri , prin care a devenit cel mai popular scriitor francez din lume. Alexandre dumas pere's grandfather, the marquis alexandre davis de la pailleterie married a black slave marie louise cesette, with whom he had fallen in love with in san domingo their son alexandre thomas was to become a general of napoleon's army. Biography alexandre dumas (1802-1870) was a prolific writer whose best known works include the three musketeers and the count of monte christo he also wrote plays, short stories, essays, magazine articles and reportage. Here, at alexandre dumas works, you can find the best of this scintillating author's historical novels, essays, plays, and travel books we also have a biography of alexandre dumas, recounting a personal life as tumultuous as the fiction he penned, as well as a constantly updated selection of his quotes, anecdotes, and timeless wisdom.

Alexandre dumas was born in villes-cotterêts, france his grandfather was a french nobleman, who had settled in santo domingo his paternal grandmother, marie. His son, alexandre dumas (fils), was a noted writer also, but of religious liturgy this was a point of contention between father and son alexandre (pere), felt his son could do much better by writing popular fiction, as he himself had done. Dumas's son, alexandre (dumas fils), is remembered today chiefly for his first novel, the lady of the camellias, which was the basis for the libretto of verdi's opera la traviata, as well as the plot of one of hollywood's classic films, camille, starring greta garbo. Alexandre dumas conhecido como alexandre dumas, pai (villers-cotterêts, 24 de julho de 1802 — puys, 5 de dezembro de 1870) foi um romancista francês nasceu na região de aisne , próximo a paris. {hd} alexandre dumas: the most widely read french author in the world - 2017 2017 alexandre dumas is a celebrated french author best known for his historical adventure novels, including 'the three musketeers' and 'the count of monte.

Alexandre dumas, known as dumas fils (älĕksän´drə dümä´, fēs), 1824-95, french dramatist and novelist, illegitimate son of alexandre dumas (1802-70, dumas père) he was the chief creator of the 19th-century comedy of manners. English: alexandre dumas is a french writer born 24 july 1802 in villers-cotterêts (aisne) and died in 1870 in puys, near dieppe français : alexandre dumas est un écrivain français né le 24 juillet 1802 à villers-cotterêts (aisne) et mort le 5 decembre 1870 à puys, dans les environs de dieppe (seine-maritime. Alexandre dumas, original name thomas-alexandre davy de la pailleterie, (born march 25, 1762, saint-domingue [now haiti]—died february 26, 1806, villers-cotterêts, france), french general during the french revolutionary and napoleonic wars.

Biography of alexandre dumas

To enjoy good health, to bring true happiness to one's family, to bring peace to all, one must first discipline and control one's own mind if a man can control his mind he can find the way to enlightenment, and all wisdom and virtue will naturally come to him. Alexandre dumas came to quebec in 1751 with a cousin, jean dumas saint-martin, probably as the agent of the la rochelle merchant jean chaudrue the following year alexandre's young brother antoine-libéral joined him as a clerk. Alexandre dumas biography bookmark this page manage my reading list alexandre dumas, the author of the three musketeers and the count of monte cristo, among scores of other novels, was born on july 24, 1802. Alexandre dumas ultimate collection: 40+ titles including the three musketeers series, the marie antoinette novels, the count of monte cristo, the valois trilogy and more (illustrated): historical novels, adventure classics, true crime stories & biography (queen margot, the black tulip, the queen's necklace, taking the bastille, the man in.

The fourth musketeer, a complete biography of alexandre dumas père the man in the iron mask (chapters 207+ of le vicomte de bragelonne ) the man in the iron mask (chapters 207+ of le vicomte de bragelonne ) (text. Biography early life dumas was born to a minor french nobleman, alexandre antoine davy de la pailleterie, and a black slave, marie-cesette dumas in saint-domingue in 1776, dumas' father sold him into slavery so that he could legally be brought to france and live as a free man there.

Alexandre dumas was one-quarter black because his paternal grandmother was haitian his father, thomas-alexandre dumas, rose through the french military during the french revolution in the late. Alexandre dumas biography alexandre dumas was a writer of adventure novels best known for his work 'the count of monte cristo' this biography of alexandre dumas provides detailed information about his childhood, life, achievements, works & timeline. Alexandre dumas, the french author of many plays, popular romances, and historical novels, wrote the three musketeers and the count of monte cristo alexandre dumas was born on july 24, 1802, near soissons, france, the son of a creole general of the french revolutionary armies. That alexandre was a figure of vast appetite and incredible energy, but thanks to reiss we now know that dumas grandpère was even more interesting a statue in the general's honor once stood in.

biography of alexandre dumas Thomas-alexandre married marie-louise elisabeth labouret and on july 24, 1802 and in villers-cotterets, aisne, near paris, france, she gave birth to their son, alexandre dumas, who would become one of france's most commercially successful authors.
Biography of alexandre dumas
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